The year of 2016 has brought social media users many new features, benefitting business users, personal accounts and giving rise to the new video trend. Here is a roundup of all things social that 2016 has introduced…



Instagram has transformed their platform to further cater for the business users of social media. Introducing Instagram Business has made contacting and finding Instagram users businesses even easier and really making them stand out.

Adding even more to their visual platform, Instagram stories were released. This gave users the ability to not only share their aesthetically pleasing images on the platform, but to also add a more personal, real and ‘behind the scenes’ feeling to their accounts.



A rather unexpected addition to the app was the Marketplace Community. A feature that allows users to sell and buy items through the app. Similar to eBay, this allows you to stay within Facebook potentially being a great source of income for business pages.



Although Twitter did work with Periscope to first pioneer live streaming on social media, while proving real success. It wasn’t until Facebook launched the Live Video in 2015 that it became really mainstream. People have watched huge global news, shared individual stories and everything in between. Only in the past few weeks did Twitter launch its own live section within the app allowing users to compete with Facebook without the need of external partner apps.



Snapchat introduced the ability to save and re-snap memories. This gave users the ability to share milestones, memories and look back on their past with the app.  


What are you looking forward to in the New Year in terms of social media and your business?

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