The use of social media in business has blown up over the recent years, in turn introducing many different ways to engage with customers online. Keep up to date with what is going on online by following these 6 social media trends your business should be following!

1. Live Streaming Video

Real time updates are catching social media users attention! People want to see what is happening in places they aren’t able to be and it is creating bigger levels of engagement. The unedited nature of live streaming video allows users to really understand what the business is about and how they operate. With the introduction of Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live there are plenty of live video streaming services to choose from. Capture upcoming business events, behind the scenes of your office, and even host competitions to win prizes like Deliveroo and The Lad Bible


social media trends


2. Mobile Friendly Content

Mobile friendly content is key. Make sure your social media images fit the size of mobile devices, use mobile friendly tools like Facebook Canvas and Instant Articles. In addition, make sure your website is mobile friendly and if it is relevant, create an app for your business.

“Mobile devices have become the primary (not secondary) screen for most social media users.”

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3. Visuals

Social media is very dominated by visuals, it is uncommon to see a post without some kind of image or video. Simply having just text will get lost in the crowd on news feeds, so if you want your content to be recognised then include relevant and eye-catching media.

 social media trends

4. Buy Buttons

Buy buttons are now extremely popular for businesses, especially throughout Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. These buttons allow you to click ‘buy’, ‘shop now’, etc. to take you straight to the website, making online shopping an even simpler experience.

social media trends

5. Content Marketing

Many businesses use content to increase engagement with their customers, awareness of their brand and any other business goals they may have. Content marketing is about engaging your customers in any type of content whether that includes images, videos or text. This can be in the form of original content created by your business or content curation, which is content collected form other sources and then shared by you. Make sure it is relevant to your industry whether it is original or curated content. Create a blog and post images and videos on your social media platforms. Basically anything to get your audience involved and that starts a conversation.


6. Real Time Engagement

The growing popularity of social media means people will expect quick replies. Social media is a quick way of communicating and sharing so users will expect quick replies when they ask questions. Make sure your customers are not waiting for more than a day (maximum) and aim to reply within an hour.


“70% of Twitter users expect a response from brands they reach out to, and 53% want a response in less than an hour.”

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Let us know if you have found these trends to be of use to you, whether that is increased engagement, more sales or traffic to your website!


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