Is your social media ready for 2017? We have found the biggest rising trends for this year to share with you, and how you can prepare your social media for 2017!

Users want to be a part of the experience

Live video and virtual reality will continue to grow. Social media has already improved the interactivity between social media influencers or businesses and their followers or customers. However, more involvement is still wanted and live video and virtual reality do this. Get your business ready for this growing trend and think about how you can fit live video and virtual reality into your social media marketing plan.

Refinement of social media platforms

Businesses will start to focus more on the platforms that are most fitting to their business rather than spending time on platforms that do not produce many results. Think about what platforms are most important to your business. For example, visually creative businesses would be best to focus on Instagram and Pinterest. Also look at how much engagement you get from each platform you are currently on, is Pinterest not as popular? Re-evaluate why you are on that platform and think if you need to be.

Social video will continue to grow, leaving TV behind

People are becoming more and more interested in YouTube and Facebook videos, and less interested with TV. Creators were putting out lots of video content throughout last year and this will become even more popular this year. Join in with the trend and get your business doing video online!


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