Instagram joins in with the one of the biggest social media trends of this year, live video. We are here to tell you everything you need to know about it and how you can use Instagram live video for your business.

Along with the launch of Instagram Stories, Instagram is bringing you another way of sharing parts of your day that you may not want to keep on your feed. Instagram live video will bring you the opportunity to share important and exciting events happening in your business. This new feature will be releasing globally over the coming weeks so have a look out for it!
Instagram Live Video

(Image: Instagram Blog)

To start a live video simple swipe to the ‘LIVE’ option and press ‘Start Live Video’. You have the option to be live for up to an hour with the ability for people to interact with your video by comments and likes.

5 Ways To Use Instagram Live Video For Your Business


1. Events

Have an important event coming up? You can live stream straight from your Instagram account. This is perfect if the majority of your followers are from Instagram or if you are a creative and visual business.

2. Q&A Sessions

Make an announcement on Twitter and Facebook that you will be doing a Q&A on Instagram, this will do two things. Firstly, your customers can get to know your company a bit more and ask any question they may have. Secondly, this will drive more potential followers over to your Instagram, especially benefitting you if you are a visual company.

3. Behind the scenes

Let people know the environment of your company, what it is like to work in the office and what kind of people work there. Show your audience some things you are working on and get them excited for new releases.

4. Interviews

Interview influencers and people in different positions in the company to give your audience valuable information.

5. Announcements

Do you have a big milestone coming up? 10th anniversary for your company? Share it on Instagram live video and if you are celebrating then show your audience!


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