Your Facebook page should say exactly what your business is about and what you can offer, follow these tips to make sure you don’t miss anything out!


1. Contact and location information

Make sure your visitors know where you are located and how to contact you. They may have questions about your services and if it is difficult to find the contact information you may be losing a potential customer.


2. Services and products

Use your services and products to entice potential customers to your business. Stating what you specialise in is also beneficial, a particular specialism may put you on the top of their list for potential businesses they may want to use.


3. Customer support

Lower your average response rate time of replying to messages, Facebook shows this to your visitors and if there is a long waiting time they may go somewhere else. Quality customer support is also crucial, make sure they are getting the right information and you are spending time on your visitor’s queries. This will enhance the relationship between you and the customer which will create long term relationships.


4. Reviews

Encourage your customers to review your business on Facebook, visitors will see this and it will determine whether they want to use your business. If you are having problems with negative reviews then address this; contact the individual to see what you can do to make their experience with your company better.


5. Business news

Share exciting news within your business! Sharing this with the public will entice people to see what else your business has to offer.


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