Creating relationships with your customers is vital in order to build brand loyalty, keep valuable customers and gain new ones. Today we will share with you how to create relationships with your customers through social media.

What is relationship marketing and why is it so important?

Relationship marketing has the focus of building lasting relationships with your current customers. The key to this is listening to your customers, pay attention to what they are saying, their needs and complaints. This is what will build those relationships and what will make them come back. But what is the benefit of growing this relationship with current customers rather than gaining new ones? Loyal customers are far less likely to switch, it’s hassle and it will only happen if it needs to. If your current customers are enjoying the service and the relationship they have with your business there is no reason to shop around for someone else. Treat them like you would a friend, answer their questions and concerns and most of all, listen.


Relationship marketing

Understand where your core audience is based

Find out where your audience is talking on social media. The platforms you should be focusing on are Facebook and Twitter, these are the main places where people will be engaging in conversations. Your business should have it’s own social media accounts on the main platforms to give customers a point of contact. Make sure you are regularly keeping track of all comments made on these accounts!

Use social media to listen

See what people are talking about in terms of your industry. What are their needs and wants? You can use that for business ideas by identify gaps. If you are responding to your audience and they know you take their ideas into account, this will build a relationship and make them feel like they are involved and matter.

Address concerns and complaints

Now social media has become popular, complaints do not stay as private as they once were. People may post complaints on social media but use this to your advantage rather than ignore it. Address their complaints in an understanding way and don’t make them wait. If the public and the customer sees you deal with problems well this will build a stronger relationship with your current customer and present a great brand image to your potential customers.

Be prompt when responding to customers

The biggest advantage of social media is the efficiency, so take advantage of this. Making your customers wait too long will not build trust between your relationship with customers. They need to know that any problems will be resolved in a quick, no hassle manner.


Follow these tips to improve the relationship with your current customers and attract potential ones too! Share any ideas you may have in the comments below, we would love to hear them!


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