Sharing your day on social media is becoming increasingly popular with the use of social media ‘stories’, but how can your business benefit this feature?

Snapchat first introduced the idea of sharing your day-to-day activities, then Instagram caught onto the ‘stories’ feature. Soon after the release of Instagram ‘stories’, Facebook added the feature to their home page. So what is all the focus on ‘stories’ about? And how can the feature help your and your business?

These features were generally used as a personal feature, to share your day-to-day activities with friend and family. However, more and more business have caught onto the idea of using ‘stories’ for their business in order to promote their products and encourage engagement with their audience.


How To Use Social Media ‘Stories’ For Your Business

1. Identify the social media preferences of your audience

When deciding which social media platform to use for the ‘stories’ feature, it is important to find out the online behaviours of your target audience. You may decide that using Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook is best for your business or you may only want to focus your time on one platform. If your audience is younger, than more than likely they will be using all platforms, however, if your audience is older they may only be using Facebook. This does differ so you need to research what platforms the majority of your audience is using then choose which one is best.

2. Choose your objectives

What do you want to achieve through social media? Maybe this is to engage with your audience and make a more personal connection, or it may be to promote your products. Once this is determined you can focus your objectives on the ‘stories’ feature.

3. Create your content

Now you have your objectives it is time to plan which content you will be posting on the ‘stories’ feature of your chosen platform. The content will all depend on what your objectives are, for example, to promote your products you can post videos on how to use your products. Make sure your content stands out, it should be creative and engaging.


What do you think of these ‘stories’ and what is your favourite social media platform to use?

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