Twitter lists are a useful tool for collecting influencers, engaging Twitter users and creating feeds focused around a topic. Here are 7 ways to use Twitter lists for your business…

Twitter allows you to make lists private so they are only seen by you or public so they can be seen by everyone. When creating public lists, give them with a relevant and interesting title to encourage subscribers. Twitter has recently allowed users to have up to 1000 Twitter lists and each user can have 5000 accounts in the list.


7 Ways To Use Twitter Lists For Your Business…


Twitter lists


Making a list is a great way to look at what your competitors are up to and get inspiration and ideas. Keep this this private!

Industry professionals and industry leaders

This allows you to look at those who are leading the way in your industry and offering great content for you to share to your audience. You can also add bloggers in your industry to this list and contact them to see if they would want to try out and write about their experiences with your service or product.


If you are attending or organising an event or conference, putting a list together will allow you to pull content from everyone who is attending. It also allows pre, during and post event communication between those in the groups.

Customers and clients

This is a great way to have one feed with those who using your products or services. You can collect them if they’ve tagged you in a post, react to your posts regularly or by searching your business name to see why is talking about you. Keep up to date with this list in order to see complaints, comments or praises about your business. Try and comment or favourite all of these and make sure to deal with all complaints!

Most engaged followers

By creating a list with these people, you engage with them directly in the list, you can keep up to date with their comments and communicate with them, building brand trust.

Staff directories

This is a great way to build trust with your staff through engaging with their personal accounts. By you liking, retweeting and engaging with their accounts, they will be more likely to use their personal accounts to like, retweet and engage with the business account.

Shared interests e.g. locations, university alumni, professional groups

One way to keep up with the latest news in your professional network is to have lists of each one. It’s a great way to keep up with any relevant or upcoming projects.  


What ever lists you create or follow,  just make sure to look at the lists frequently to engage or retweet with those in the lists. Happy Tweeting!


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